At 21stCentEd Homeschool, our focus is to deliver a future-proof education  tailored for homeschoolers, ensuring your child is not just prepared but ahead in the rapidly evolving 21st-century landscape.

Our Commitment

21stCentEd Homeschool is committed to making STEM education accessible, engaging, and effective for homeschoolers. By harnessing the power of 21st-century technologies and methodologies, we strive to ensure that every child is equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the future. Join us in this journey to unlock your child’s potential and pave the way for a future filled with possibilities.

Planning Tools

  • Perplexity Ai

    Perplexity AI can save time by curating high-quality educational resources, offer personalized learning experiences, and expand knowledge through exposure to diverse subjects and perspectives.

  • Canva

    Canva allows homeschool students to create a variety of materials such as worksheets, lesson plans, study guides, presentations, infographics, and videos to enhance the learning experience

Software & Hardware Discounts

  • Apple

    Homeschoolers who meet their state's requirements can access the full line of educational products at special educator discount pricing.

  • Adobe

    Homeschoolers can receive up to 75% off Adobe software for students, teachers, and schools.

  • Microsoft

    Offers discounts of up to 75% off for students, teachers, and schools on Microsoft software.

Save as much as 85% with an Academy Subscription

We want you to be satisfied, so all courses purchased from 21stCentEd can be refunded within 14 days, provided the request meets the guidelines in our refund policy. Single-course purchases and Utah Fits All purchases are non-refundable.

Academy Subscriptions (K-8 and 9th-12th) can be canceled within 14 days of purchase.

For refund purposes, the “purchase date” is when you receive your account login from 21stCentEd. 

Certain restrictions may apply, and some purchases may not be eligible for cash or credit refunds.

For more information regarding our refund policy, please see below.

How to submit a refund request
Request a refund from Contact 21stCentEd using the contact form on the website or email

Reasons for denial of refunds
At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to limit or deny refund requests in cases where we believe there is refund abuse, including but not limited to the following: A significant portion of the course was consumed before the refund was requested. Multiple refunds have been requested for the same course, or excessive refunds have been requested. These refund restrictions will be enforced to the extent permitted by applicable law.