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Educational Apps That Every Homeschool Parent Should Know About

In this digital age, homeschooling doesn’t have to be confined to a stack of books on the kitchen table. Educational apps can be a game-changer. These apps provide access to a wealth of knowledge and engage students in a fun and effective way! So, without further ado, let’s dive into educational apps that every homeschool parent should know about. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a fantastic app for young children up to college level. It provides your child with instructional videos and practice exercises for their chosen course. The app offers math, science, computer programming, history, economics, and more courses. They also have a separate app called Khan Academy Kids for children ages 2-8. The best part? Both are free apps.


Ready to turn language learning into a game? Duolingo offers lessons in dozens of languages. This makes learning engaging and fun to acquire new linguistic skills. This great app is ideal for beginners and intermediate learners alike. 


Quizlet makes studying for quizzes and tests a breeze. This app allows you to create custom flashcards and quizzes or use sets shared by others. It supports a wide range of subjects, from foreign languages to science and beyond. Interactive games and learning tools help reinforce learning concepts, making it a versatile study companion. 


Another app for homeschooling young learners is BrainPOP. This app features award-winning movies and quizzes. The topics include STEM, social studies, and English. Its content is structured to make complex subjects easy to understand and entertaining. The app also encourages critical thinking with interactive features and activities. 


This app offers live, small-group classes taught by experienced educators. Outschool covers both core academic subjects and niche interests. The courses range from coding and art to languages and life skills, catering to learners aged 3 to 18. This platform is perfect for homeschoolers looking to supplement their curriculum with an interactive learning experience.

Starfall Education

The Starfall Education app for kids primarily focuses on early learning. Turn screen time into learning time with educational games. Starfall features fun games, songs, and activities designed to teach reading, math, and music. Its interactive approach is especially appealing to preschool through 2nd-grade students. 


If you’re looking for educational apps for your high school student, look no further than Coursera. This app offers courses from universities around the globe, bringing higher education to your home. It covers everything from social sciences to data science. The courses are suitable for advanced learners. The platform provides certificates upon course completion, adding tangible value to your homeschooling experience.


Are you looking to enhance your math lesson plans? Mathway is the perfect solution. This app offers step-by-step explanations for math problems. You can solve math problems from algebra to calculus. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be intimidated by challenging subjects. Mathway is like having a personal math tutor available 24/7. 


With its captivating video lessons on a broad range of topics, TED-Ed is designed to spark curiosity beyond traditional subjects. Each video is accompanied by questions and discussion to deepen understanding and engagement. TED-Ed is an excellent tool for introducing learners to new ideas and perspectives.

All of these apps represent the forefront of digital education. They give homeschooled families the tools to better understand subjects in their learning journey. By incorporating these tools, you can provide your children with a rich, varied educational experience that prepares them for the future while catering to their interests and learning styles.

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