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Best Practices for Online Learning: A Homeschooler’s Guide

Online learning provides endless learning opportunities. However, it can present challenges for homeschooling parents and children as they learn to navigate it. We aim to arm you with practical strategies for the best practices for online learning. From setting up your learning environment to choosing the right resources, this guide will serve as your compass as you dive into the vast sea of online educational content.

Setting Up for Success

Online learning requires more than a strong internet connection and a digital device. The foundation lies in the right environment and routine. Let’s examine how to set up for success.

First, you want to set up a dedicated learning space. This will help minimize distractions and enhance focus by having everything you need in one place. You don’t have to set everything up in a separate room. A quiet corner would work well. Ensuring this space is well-organized and equipped with the necessary supplies (textbooks, notebooks, pens, and tech devices) is crucial. Adequate lighting, a comfortable chair, and a desk at the right height can make study sessions more productive. And don’t forget blue light glasses to help block blue light!

Next, you want to come up with a consistent routine. Homeschooling is flexible, but children thrive on routine. Start by setting regular school hours that fit your family’s schedule. Incorporate breaks for snacks, lunch, and physical activity. This will help keep your child or teen energized and focused. It’s also beneficial to begin each day with a clear plan or agenda to provide structure and set expectations. You don’t want your routine to be rigid, but it should serve as a framework to guide your homeschooler’s day. Allow for adjustments based on their pace of learning and any spontaneous educational opportunities. 

Finally, consider teaching your child to prioritize tasks, set achievable goals, and manage their time. This can help transform their online learning experience from overwhelming to manageable. By nurturing these skills early on, you’re not just setting them up for success in their current homeschooling endeavors but also equipping them with valuable life skills for future challenges.

Choosing the Right Online Resources

Navigating online homeschooling programs and courses can be daunting. Countless platforms offer courses, interactive lessons, and supplementary materials to give your child plenty of learning opportunities. Even if you are not doing a complete cyber school program, many great supplementary resources exist to add to your traditional school program.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects can often be challenging to teach in the homeschool classroom because they constantly evolve. Online courses like those from 21stCentEd are perfect for your elementary or high school student to get an updated learning experience in these important subjects. Make sure you evaluate any courses to make sure they meet your state requirements at the very least. 

As you choose your online courses, remember there is much more to online learning than watching videos. You can incorporate a variety of resources to enrich your homeschooling experience. Educational videos, interactive simulations, and eBooks can cater to different learning styles. Consider incorporating practical projects, experiments, and field trips for hands-on learning. Additionally, online forums and educational games can provide your child with interactive ways to reinforce learning concepts.

Enhancing Engagement and Motivation

Engagement and motivation are critical to your child’s education. They won’t learn as much if they don’t enjoy school. You want to create a learning environment where goals are clearly defined. Goals can be small if your child gets easily overwhelmed. Work with them to establish specific and attainable goals. This provides them with direction and a sense of purpose. Celebrate milestones no matter how small to keep motivation levels high. You can also use digital tools or apps to track progress. This is great for visual learners to see their achievements.

Tailoring lessons to include topics that interest your child can make learning more exciting. Allow them the freedom to explore subjects beyond the curriculum. This will help ignite new passions and deepen their understanding. 

Offer regular, constructive feedback to ensure effective learning. Sometimes, letting go of the reins is easy when an online teacher teaches your child. However, this can cause your child to check out in front of the screen. Provide them with comments on achievements and areas for improvement. Also, it is a good idea to be available to answer questions. Even if you can’t answer a question, you can find the answer together. This encouragement helps students feel valued.

As you navigate the vast online learning landscape, remember that you are ultimately responsible for your child’s learning. Establishing a conducive learning environment and being armed with the right resources sets your child up for success. Your homeschooling journey will be enriched with online education as you use it as a tool to foster a love for learning. As you embrace these strategies, remain open to change. This will ensure that your approach meets your child’s educational needs and prepares them for a future where they can thrive in an increasingly digital world.  

Looking for Accessible STEM Education?

As we move into the twenty-first century, STEM subjects are becoming essential for students to learn. Getting familiar with technology and learning to use and create it opens a wide field of jobs. Here at 21stCentEd, we are passionate about helping young people prepare for a bright future in which their STEM skills will help them find jobs that will be relevant in this digital age.

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