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A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Family

Today, we explore a day in the life of a homeschooling family. Meet Ashley and her three boys, aged 10, 6, and 4. If you aren’t sure what a homeschool day looks like, join us as we follow their homeschool routine on a typical Wednesday. 

A Little About Ashley

Ashley is a wife and mom who has been homeschooling for two years. She decided to homeschool because she wanted to take control of her children’s education. Her degree is in Fine Arts, and she has a Master’s in Educational Administration and Leadership. While Ashley has experienced the ups and downs of a homeschooling family, she wouldn’t change it. Here’s what her day looks like. 

Morning Time

Ashley’s morning starts well before she gets out of bed. She tries to prep the next day’s work ahead of time so that her day gets started on the right track. Some days, this looks like laying out all their work the night before in her school room. However, with the flexibility of homeschooling, some days, she has her boys grab their work folders that morning. If the work is already on the table, they often begin working on it on their own while Ashley makes them breakfast.

6:30 AM

Ashley gets up before her boys and settles in with a coffee and reading before she starts her day. Some days, she gets these quiet moments to herself. Other days, the boys are up soon after, and the chaos begins! Today is Wednesday, one of her busiest days of the week, with a regular homeschool day, co-op, and church clubs. 

7:30 AM

The boys are up and ready to start the day. They begin independent work almost immediately. While they eat breakfast, they can do a reading lesson. Ashley says, “Some mornings, we get so much done before 9 AM, and other days, we are just rolling out of bed. We love the flexibility of homeschool life. It allows us to have a loose daily rhythm and to be able to go with the flow and pivot if needed.”

8:00 AM

“Welcome to what I affectionately call ‘the hour of chaos,’” Ashley says. “This is the hour before we leave the house. It’s usually a hot mess. Wrestling into clothing, constant reminders to get shoes, turning around, and seeing another child is distracted by a toy. I’m working on these moments. Working on keeping my patience and not pulling out the mom voice! We don’t usually leave the house in the mornings, but we do every Wednesday for co-op. I’m trying to get into having better habits in these moments.” 

9:00 AM

Everyone is ready to leave the house for a fun co-op hike. Usually, a co-op day begins a little earlier and follows this schedule:

  • Arrive at 8:30 for leadership team.
  • 9:00-10:00 is science (or a holiday celebration if one is close). 
  • 10:00-10:20 is a snack break.
  • 10:20-11:00 is gym time.
  • 11:00-12:00 is more science or an elective like music, sign language, or art. 

Ashley helps as one of the teachers, and she rotates teaching between the three classes they have set up. 

On this particular day, they decide to take a nature hike instead of staying indoors for more formal classes.

Afternoon Time

12:00 PM 

The hike is finished! While it was a fun adventure, there was still time to learn. Along the trail were signs describing the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. These signs are great conversation starters and make learning happen naturally. 

Now, it is time to head to a reading class for Ashley’s middle son. She came prepared and packed lunches so that they could eat before the class began at 12:30. While he has his reading class, her other boys continue working on school. 

2:00 PM 

They arrive home a little after two o’clock. After a busy morning, it’s time for a low-key afternoon with quiet time. Ashley said, “The older boys had some time on their video games, and my youngest watched Curious George. Wednesday afternoons are usually our most chill because we have co-op in the morning and church clubs in the evening.”

Evening Time

4:30 PM

An early dinner is in order because of evening clubs. As soon as they got home from co-op, Ashley put stuffed peppers in her crockpot for a quick and nutritious meal. After they eat, it is time to get everyone ready to leave once more for church clubs while they wait for Dad to come home. 

6:10 PM

Once again, the homeschooling family is out the door to head to church clubs. They finish up around 8:30 and pack everything up to head home. This is what Ashley had to say about her busy day: “Today was a busy day, but I love and cherish my Wednesdays. They are full of friends, love, and service. My body is physically exhausted, but my heart is full!”

9:45 PM

Ashley finally finishes up the bedtime routine. This particular night includes two Curious George books and lots of snuggles. Another successful day of homeschooling is in the books. 

Ashley says, “Thank you to everyone who followed along for a day in the life. I know to some, it may have been busy and chaotic. But in reality, we don’t do ‘homeschool hard’ every day of the week. Our Wednesdays are relatively busy; our Mondays and Tuesdays usually have more schoolwork, while our Thursdays are usually super chill after our crazy Wednesday. The point is, with homeschooling, you are in control. You get to set the schedule, the tone, and the rhythm for your family. Not every week is the same, and neither is every season. 

“I love sharing about homeschooling, maybe because I was so reluctant to be a homeschool mama myself. Honestly, had I known the freedom and community that comes with it, I would have started a lot sooner! The journey of your homeschooling family will likely look wildly different from mine, and that is the true beauty of homeschooling!”

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